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Canada – What The Stanley Jury Likely Considered In Rendering Its Not Guilty Verdict

An article from CBC News that discusses the possible reasoning behind the jury’s verdict in the Gerald Stanley murder trial.  Since we will never hear what the jury actually thought, this may be the next best thing. It might have all boiled down to the credibility of the Crown witnesses and reasonable doubt. What the […]

Canada – Why Not Let Jurors Talk? Why Not Let Jurors Explain How They Arrived At Their Verdict?

This opinion piece from asks a very timely question about Canada’s juries, Why not let the jurors talk?  Why not let jurors explain how they arrived at their verdict?  That is information Canada needs right now. Everyone is speculating as to why a jury found Gerald Stanley not guilty of murder or manslaughter.  Lets […]

The World – Can Climate Change Models Predict Climate Change?

Predicting climate temperatures isn’t science – it’s science fiction. Emeritus Professor of Physics at Princeton University Will Happer explains.  A one minute video that explains very simply why climate change models cannot predict climate change. Sooo why are we always being bombarded by climate change model information.  (related previous posts here)

Canada – Saskatoon Star-Phoenix Full Coverage Of The Gerald Stanley Trial

The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix full coverage of the Gerald Stanley trial here.  Dozens of articles on the murder trial and the jury verdict aftermath.  FYI.

The World – U.S. Admits No Evidence Assad Did Gas Attack, U.S. Forcing Other NATO Countries To Spend More On Military, U.S. Government Corruption In Action

Three videos from the Jimmy Dore Show. All of them are important. Warning: Jimmy swears….Nothing you wouldn’t hear riding on a City of Thunder Bay Transit bus or while walking around in either City business core, but still, you have been warned. Little mention of this in the mainstream media.  Its the main reason used […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

This raven has got something to eat. Action at the DSSAB apartment building at the corner of Cumberland and Water Streets. Might be serious. Looks like this might be making a break for it. Escaping the Chronicle Journal compound. These guys will have to wait until spring. Why can’t this company keep its trash in […]

The World – If America Wasn’t America, The United States Would Be Bombing It

Very true. The king or queen of rogue nations is the U.S. If America Wasn’t America, the United States Would Be Bombing It On January 8, 2018, former government advisor Edward Luttwak wrote an opinion piece for Foreign Policy titled “It’s Time to Bomb North Korea.” Luttwak’s thesis is relatively straightforward. There is a government out there that may […]