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Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

The “median” sign has not been reinstalled yet. Its been missing for several months now.  I am of the belief that if a street sign exists, then it is required, usually for safety purposes. If knocked down, the sign should be immediately replaced. If the sign is not replaced for several months, then it is […]

The World – People Focus Hatred On Trump But Ignore The Fact That The Entire System Is Corrupt

If you hate Donald Trump, you have to hate Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as well. For some reason, nobody understands that.

Canada – Race And Religion. Do They Belong In The Canadian Judicial System?

If race is going to be a major in future jury selection processes, is religion going to be that far behind?  Think Islamophobia. Is ethnicity now going to be a thing when it comes to jury selection?  How is that going to work in a multicultural country? Ethnic:  a : of or relating to large […]