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Canada – Lowest Paid Tech Workers In North America Is Vancouver’s Major Selling Point

Vancouver criticized for boasting about low pay of its tech workers in Amazon HQ bid Vancouver officials are defending their decision to tout the bottom-barrel pay of the city’s tech workers in their bid to get online retailer Amazon to build a second headquarters on the West Coast, saying it was one of their “strongest […]

Canada – The Fight For The Canadian Internet Has Now Started

Opposition mounts to Canadian media’s plan to block piracy websites Critics fear the plan could lead to rampant internet censorship Opposition is mounting to a media coalition’s plan to block Canadians from accessing piracy websites. Many people fear that the plan — backed by big players such as Bell, Rogers, and CBC — could lead to rampant internet censorship. […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday - Snow Sculpture Update

Thunder Bay – Sunday – Snow Sculpture Update

click on any image to enlarge.  Tomorrow is sculpture judgement day. The City of Thunder bay needs to find a better source of snow for the sculptures. This snow has quite a bit of dirt in it.  The dirt in the snow heats up in the sun and starts to melt. Also, some sculptures appear […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday - Snow Sculpture Update

Thunder Bay – Saturday – Snow Sculpture Update

click to enlarge. The theme for 2018 is Pop Culture.