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The World – New York Times Reporter Debunks Russia Twitter Panic

Jimmy Dore and crew continue to explain how the troll farm is simply a group of “web trolls for hire” that happens to be located in Russia. Turns out that the NYTimes published an article about this Russian troll farm three years ago. Warning: Jimmy Dore swears.  Just so you know.

Thunder Bay - Tuesday - All Of The Snow Sculptures

Thunder Bay – Tuesday – All Of The Snow Sculptures

The World – Mind Blowing Corruption At The FBI

The U.S. justice system is corrupt. How corrupt? Jimmy talks to NSA whistleblower William Binney about the FISA court, the NSA and the FBI.  They also discuss how the NSA feeds information to local law enforcement agencies. Information that is obtained illegally. Parallel construction. I wonder if this stuff is happening here in Canada?  Its […]