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The World – Privatizing The World’s Fresh Water Supplies

Private corporations are out to control all of the world’s fresh water. This is the kind of stuff that happens at the World Economic Forum held annually every year in Davos, Switzerland. Water is something humans (hupersons if Justin Trudeau is talking) cannot live without.  For some reason, governments are will to sell the rights […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Winter colour As the snow melts along the Water Street sidewalk, a winter’s worth of trash is making its appearance. Newspaper trash… Construction trash…should be a lot of these foam insulation pieces An ambulance at the DSSAB apartment complex at the corner of Cumberland and Water Streets. An empty cider bottle. Filling potholes while the […]

The World – The Weaponization Of Social Media

Might be time to start weening yourself off of social media applications. Facebook and Twitter are being manipulated by government agents. You just can’t trust anything you read or see on them. They are the last places on earth to be getting your news. Social media is being used more and more as a means […]