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The World – Targeting Russia And Russians Is Not Racist. They Are Evil Russians.

Russia has been blamed for Clinton’s loss to Trump by the Democrats.  The fact that their presidential candidate was the only person, plant, piece of furniture or empty box in the U.S. that could have lost to the Donald.  Anyone or anything stood a better chance of winning. Anyone or Anything. Sooo hating Russia and […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Deer tracks in snow Thunder Bay, City of Rainbows I was here looking for a Bald  Eagle’s nest.  Figure that, come spring, there might be some photo opportunities. This may be the place. Then I saw this.  A Bald Eagle flew right over me.  My goal this year is to get a good photo of […]

The World – Trade Wars And Tariffs

All the global leaders are freaking out.  They think Trump is acting irrationally. They think the man is inane. The man is a joke. The mainstream media covers every thing he does and everything he says. But they also Trump was a joke during the 2016 presidential election.  They thought he had no chance whatsoever […]