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The World – How To Secure Elections? Use Paper Ballots. Its That Simple.

Paper ballots are the best way to guard against election fraud. Results from Electronic voting machines can be changed…leaving no trace.  No way to recount the votes. Online voting numbers can also be manipulated.  No trace of fraud is left. No way to recount votes. If people won’t take the time to go down to […]

The World – Assassination Is An Extreme Form Of Censorship

It looks like anyone can be assassinated if a government wants that person dead.  Killed by the CIA?  MK Ultra?  John Lennon? Robert Kennedy?  John Kennedy?  Almost Ronald Reagan? Who is really in charge of our governments?  It sure isn’t us. If Youtube takes down the video, you can also watch it here.

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

What normally happens when the asphalt is higher than the concrete gutter. How can you not take a photo of these chairs?  Its some of the only colour out there. Last Canada Day, a large tent was set-up in the boat launch parking lot.  Metal spikes were driven into the asphalt. Ropes were attached to […]

Canada – Group Of Masked, Black-Clad People Trash Hamilton

And sooo it starts. The mobs are starting to appear in Canada. More and more people are finding that there is no place for them in today’s economy.  All the jobs have moved overseas. More and more people are finding that there is no place for them in today’s electoral system.  They are not represented […]