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The World – Some U.S. Steel And Aluminum Makers To Restart Plant Operations Amid Tariff Plans

You see how it works?  What presidential candidate do you think these steelworkers are going to vote for in 2020? Some Steel and Aluminum Makers to Restart Plant Operations Amid Tariff Plans Some U.S. steel and aluminum makers are restarting idle mills and ramping up capacity to make up for imports that face being priced […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

I believe this is another escapee from the Chronicle Journal compound. Its the taxpayers’ problem now. Some trash that had escaped from the Chronicle Journal compound before the snow arrived emerging from a snowpile. Marina Park.  This section of Marina Park Drive was paved last year as part of the new parking lot built at […]

Canada – Canada Is Totally Dependent On Free Trade With U.S. – Trump Understands This Fact

Trump has shone a light on Canada’s total dependence on trade with the U.S.. Not just trade but FREE trade. Canada is also dependent on a low value currency, as compared to the U.S. dollar.  A strong Canadian dollar is disastrous for our industry. Sooo, that sums up Canada’s manufacturing sector…totally dependent on the U.S. […]