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The World – Lets Get Rid Of The Language Police

Why not let language evolve naturally?  Why do we have to change the way the majority speak because a tiny minority feeling’s are hurt? The term for this tiny group of social justice delicates is snowflakes. If terms like mankind (yes Justin Trudeau. I’m looking at you) and guys need to be eliminated from our […]

Thunder Bay – Waverley Park Pavilion Update

Money needs to be spent by the end of March? previous related posts here and here

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Today with the gull family. One noticed me and then flew off.  I thought maybe it might dive bomb me. They do that to protect the nest. The bird flew around a bit and then returned. Both birds then started squawking.   Not sure what that was all about. Bits and pieces of foam insulation along […]

The World – Bezos Now World’s Richest Man. Company Pays Negative Taxes. Yes…Negative Taxes.

How many cities were fighting to get Amazon’s 2nd Headquarters built in their town?  What they were offering Bezos, the world’s richest man?  Whatever he wants? Something to think about as you fill out your Federal Income Tax form. Yes, this happens in Canada as well. There are many major corporations that pay zero tax. […]