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The World – Debt Currency: The Greatest SCAM Never Told

A refresher video on just how screwed up our financial system is. check out video below for a 12 year old’s explanation of our banking system. Link below is February 2016 post that contains above video plus articles on the need for monetary reform….and going cashless is not the answer. Canada – Overview of Canada’s […]

Thunder Bay – Festival Stage Replacement So Far

All of the concrete shell has been removed. All that is left is a pile of dirt. I have photos of the demolition taken each day during the week. Just go look in the daily photo posts for Monday to Thursday.

The World – The World Of George Orwell’s “1984” Forming Now

I guess we are in Oceania? Oceania, ‘Tis For Thee: The World of ‘1984’ Forming Now Jeremiah Johnson April 2nd, 2018 “Oceania” was a nation described in George Orwell’s “1984” as being comprised of Britain (called “Airstrip One,”) and the United States. There were two other superpowers, namely Eurasia and Eastasia. Other lands rich […]