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Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

The five stages of my Spring 2018 are: Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptence I have finally reached acceptance level.  Spring 2018 is what it is. So far, spring been mostly crap. I expect a lot more crap is yet to come. I accept that fact. Yup… nothing needs to be said here. The MV Federal Bering […]

The World – If You Bomb A Chemical Weapons Factory, Do You Not Release A Giant Cloud Of Toxic Gas?

Hmmmmm, Paul Craig Roberts asks a very good question: Do chemical weapons only release their elements when they explode from intended use but not when they explode from being militarily attacked? If you blow up a chemical weapons factory, is there not a very good chance that the explosion will result in the release of giant […]

The World – Mini Ice Age

As you enjoy the view outside your window today, I will remind you of this post from July, 2015.  I believe we are headed into a mini ice age. In fact, it has in all probability, started already. The World – Solar Grand Minimum

The World – Intervention: A Success Strory

The United States of America….ensuring lasting peace FOREVER!  These are on a few of the 14 incidents of the US working to overthrow governments all over the world.  Then there are the 35  countries where the US has backed fascists, drug lords and terrorists. And the United States of America is supposed to be the […]