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The World – New York Restaurants Demand Permission To Levy Food Surcharge

How long before this kind of thing happens here in Ontario?  High minimum wages help people with jobs but do nothing to help people looking for a job. “The Alternative Is Disaster”: New York Restaurants Demand Permission To Levy Food Surcharge At the end of 2015, just before New York State hiked minimum wages, we warned that […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

MV Osogovo forground, MV Federal Yoshino in background Song Sparrow MV Florence Spirit Pussy Willows Another Bald Eagle flying off in the distance.  One day, I will get a closer shot. That is my goal. Budweiser The festival stage so far. Water line. Paint looks fresh. Looks great, doesn’t it?  Truck tracks in the mud? […]

Thunder Bay - Tree Swallows

Thunder Bay – Tree Swallows

Spent a few minutes watching several Tree Swallows flying around. They are fast. (click on any image to enlarge) Almost looks like the bird is looking at me.  Could be.  

The World – Fukushima Now Officially The Worst Nuclear Power Disaster In History

Funny, not in the news, but the thing keeps spewing radiation into the ocean and air.  Its not going away any time soon because nobody knows what to do.  The equipment needed to deal with these types of disasters do not exist.  They need to be invented. APRIL 27, 2018 Move Over Chernobyl, Fukushima is […]