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Thunder Bay - Wednesday and Thursday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday (click on any image to enlarge) Drilling at the corner of Bay and Algoma Streets continues The dead gull so far. Tug MV Teclutsa The Tai Chi statues location so far Still there This catchbasin is in need or work.  Utilities have been marked sooo maybe work will begin soon…or maybe not. Thursday Drilling […]

Canada – Experts Say Feds Overpaid By $1.2 Billion For Pipeline

Experts say feds overpaid by $1.2 billion for Trans Mountain pipeline The federal government may have paid too much for Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline, but a petroleum marketing expert says taxpayers will be able to recoup the forecasted $11-billion investment if the project can be completed on schedule and under budget. While Masson believes the […]

Thunder Bay - American White Pelicans

Thunder Bay – American White Pelicans

My first pelican photos of the year. click on any image to enlarge. previous related post here

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Drilling going on in the vacant lot at the corner of Bay and Algoma Streets.  The property was the site of Bay and Algoma Gulf Service Station.  Gulf was purchased by Petro-Canada and the gas station became a Petro-Canada franchise. That is why the lot sits unused. The soil is contaminated. Looks like an old […]

Thunder Bay – Gull Family Riding The Rails

Have a feeling that this nesting location is not going to end well for the gulls. (click on any image to enlarge) This rail line is used by trains delivering grain cars to the grain elevators north of Marina Park.  Its not used often but it is used. I guess if the bird just leaves […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

The guys are out on the town while the ladies are “with egg” back in the nest Tree pollen on the water looks cool… A pair of trains, one headed in each direction, pass by the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination. The one heading west is carrying some giant cylinders.  […]

The World – The Tragic Record Of American Regime Change

Yet, the U.S. continues to overthrow duly elected governments.  Deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.  Millions become homeless. All for nothing, unless chaos is exactly what the U.S. and its Military Industrial Complex wants.   There is money to be made in global chaos. The Tragic Record of American Regime Change Maj. Danny Sjursen, […]

Thunder Bay – Nipigon River Bridge Closure Due To Routine Maintenance: MTO

Update/Correction on previous post here ….take the MTO’s explanation with a grain of salt.  Government lie all the time. Nipigon River Bridge closure due to routine maintenance: MTO The closure of the Nipigon River Bridge to westbound traffic last Fridaywas the result of routine maintenance according to a spokesperson with the Ministry of Transportation. The MTO […]

Thunder Bay -Sunday

Thunder Bay -Sunday

Thunder Bay trash….. The water leak mentioned in Saturday’s post has been repaired I know…Tree Swallows again…..but soon they will be gone. The pile of stuff being stored on the Pool 6 dock has been moved.  The stuff is building materials left over from Phase 1 construction of Prince Arthur’s Landing.  Maybe the dock at […]

The World – Get Rid Of Alexa

Amazon has contracts with the CIA.  Just so you know… show notes here