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Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Click on any image to enlarge. Hail fell Tuesday morning. Yup, sodewalk cyclists. They arr out in full force. The DSSAB reno at the corner of Water and Cumberland Streets.  The work has been done. The fence and equipment has been removed.  Debris still there.  Hopefully the contractor is required to clean this up, even […]

Canada – Senators Recommend Delaying Cannabis For A Year To Address Indigenous Issues.

This is how the flames of racism are fanned.  If the legalization of marijuana is delayed a year because of Indigenous “issues”, you think people are going to be happy?  People are already pissed off that Canada Day 2018 is not going to be the first day people can buy legally buy pot in Canada.  […]

Canada – Buying Pot In Ontario Will Be Like Buying Booze In 1928

This from The Do you think this system of dispensing cannabis in Ontario will successfully replace the existing system?  I have my doubts. Few stores located in the middle of nowhere and a buying experience that harkens back to the LCBO of my youth.  I think people are more sophisticated shoppers today. They want […]