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Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

The Waverley Park pavilion is pretty much complete. Just landscaping left to go. Now its time to get rid of this eyesore.  A fountain with a fence around it is just plain stupid. This would have been the best location for the pavilion. Not much maintaining going on at the Magnus Theatre grounds and garden. […]

Ontario – Province And Northern Ontario First Nations To Share Resource Revenues

‘A truly historic agreement’: province and northern Ontario First Nations to share resource revenues Ontario will split revenues from forestry and mining with First Nations represented by three councils The provincial government announced Thursday that it’s signed a series of resource revenue sharing agreements that will see money from mining and forestry operations in northern Ontario […]

The World – Facebook Affects Your Brain Just Like A Drug

Facebook affects your brain just like a drug.  Will Facebook the end of society?  Is it already too late to save society?  I believe the answer to both questions is…yes.  I am not the only one. I am not on Facebook.  I quit it a long, long time ago…cold turkey. Billionaire ex-Facebook president Sean Parker unloads […]