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The World – Does Elon Musk Have A Grand Plan? Is There Method To His Madness?

Scott Adams gives us a take on Elon Musk’s various projects that ties them all together in an interesting fashion.   Building cities…Is that his ultimate goal?

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

The ice is almost all gone.  Should be gone by next week…fingers crossed.   More work taking place on the Festival stage area.  Filling in the hole. Work taking place at the east end of the overpass at the north end of Marina Park. Loiterers loitering.  They need to find another place to hang out. […]

Canada – Official-Canadian-Apologist-In-Chief Justin Trudeau To Apologize For….Sigh…Does It Really Matter Any More?

Trudeau to offer formal apology in Commons for fate of Jewish refugee ship MS St. Louis In 1939, Canada turned away 907 German Jews seeking asylum; 254 later lost their lives in the Holocaust Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will deliver another official apology in the House of Commons, this time over the fate of the […]

Thunder Bay – Save An Ash Tree Program

Did you know that you could adopt a tree?  Pay for the vaccination of an ash tree against the Emerald As Borer?   Of course you didn’t. The City of Thunder Bay did not publicise that piece of information. Why not? Anyway, if you have a big tree in your neighbourhood you want to save, you […]

The World – Steven Crowder Discusses Eric Schneiderman

Steven Crowder and company cover the Eric Schneiderman cover-up.  Note: Steven Crowder is excitable…. Eric Schneiderman, the Attorney General of New York, was a rabid opponent of Donald Trump and a staunch supporter of the #METOO movement…as was Harvey Weinstein. Funny how all these critics of Donald Trump turn out to be much, much worse […]

Ontario – Chamber Of Commerce Welcomes Review Of Stat Holiday Pay Rules

Chamber of Commerce welcomes review of stat holiday pay rules Government backtracks after complaints from business Business owners hope a review of a controversial change to public holiday pay rules will result in a system that’s more fair and easier to understand and implement. Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce President Charla Robinson says the provincial government’s […]