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The World – Chinese World Order Rises In Ashes Of Iran Deal

China is ready to move into Iran if the EU pulls out.  Will the EU follow the US and pull out of the Iran nuclear deal?  Is the EU willing to give up billions of euros in contracts just to keep sucking up to its US overlords?

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

MV Federal Mosel is still anchored in the harbour The MV CSL Welland Brown-headed Cowbird In Out Hard to not photograph these Tree Sparrows. Such a bright coloured bird. If those chairs look familiar that is because they used to be on the Pool 6 dock.  I have taken several photos of them. Turns out […]

Thunder Bay - American Coot

Thunder Bay – American Coot

American Coot is a thing. Who knew? (click on any image to enlarge) I have never seen one of these before.

Thunder Bay - Common Merganser

Thunder Bay – Common Merganser

Interesting. The birds swim around using a “snorkelling” style of hunting. Their face is looking down in the water in search of food. When they see something. they dive down.

Thunder Bay - McVicar Creek Steelhead Run

Thunder Bay – McVicar Creek Steelhead Run

I spent about a half hour watching fish try and get up over the falls located just downstream of the Court Street bridge. These fish just don’t give up.