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Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Welcome to June….and its cold…September cold. The drilling operation on the lot at the corner of Bay and Algoma Streets installed monitoring wells. Its June 1….not September 21st…although you would never know it… The MV G3 Marquis Lots of action down at the CCGS Alexander Henry…. Female Red-winged Blackbird yelling at me… A sleeping duck […]

The World – Denmark Approves Burka Ban

Denmark Approves Burka Ban Denmark becomes the sixth European country to enact such a ban, after France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Austria. “The face is your passport. When you refuse me to see you, I am a victim.” — Jacques Myard, a former conservative MP who supported the ban in France. “[S]ome people do […]

Thunder Bay – Until Hell Freezes Over

‘We want a meaningful agreement’: Gull Bay blockades road to Lac Des Iles Mine Members of Kiashke Zaaging Anishinaabek – Gull Bay First Nation have set up a blockade on the road leading to the Lac Des Iles Mine, with the community’s chief declaring it will be in place either until there is a negotiated […]