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Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Canadian Tiger Swallow-tail Bay Village Coffee shop gets a facelift   Hey….leave her alone. She is not interested But he is not giving up MV Federal Danube MV Skawa Interesting clouds. Cirrus clouds. Song Sparrow More clouds Brown-headed Cowbirds Looks like the City of Thunder Bay decided to glue this trail light, which is located […]

The World – Meet Paul Ehrich

Population explosion along with the failed warning  of Peak Oil makes you wonder just how much scientists really know about anything or what/who exactly is behind these doomsday forecasts.  Then there is the global warming fiasco.  Notice how the term global warming has been replaced with the term climate change?  Why is that?

Thunder Bay – How Do You Attract Tourists To Thunder Bay? You Charge Them More To Stay Here Of Course

Hotel tax given go-ahead by council People will be paying a bit more to stay in local hotel rooms beginning later this year. Thunder Bay city council on Monday night approved a recommendation from administration to implement a four per cent tax on all short-term accommodations effective Sept. 1, which is expected to generate about $2 […]