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Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Large cloud of dust caused by trucks driving through construction area Did the contractor remove all the asphalt from one end of the contract to the other first?  Normally, the contractor starts digging at the low end of the hill and works his/her way up to the top.  If the contractor removed the asphalt just […]

Canada – Canadian Submarines Cannot Operate Under The Arctic Ice – Something We Have Lots Of

Canadian submarines not part of international Arctic under-ice exercise Canada’s Arctic sovereignty depends on U.S.-Canada relationship for security, expert says Over five weeks, the British submarine HMS Trenchant travelled beneath — and broke through — Beaufort Sea ice alongside two U.S. submarines. It was there as part of the Arctic and Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2018, a U.S. Navy submarine arctic warfare exercise […]

Canada – Does Anyone Understand Trade Deals?

Does anyone understand trade deals?  Why are we not being given any details about what is fair or unfair in existing trade between Canada and the US?  Its either fair or not fair.  Which is it? Scott Adams of Dilbert fame discusses the trade war thing that has erupted between Canada and the US.