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The World – Why Russian Indictments Will Never Be Proven

Jimmy Dore and gang discuss the Russian Indictments and other Russophobia (yes, it is  real phobia)  driven issues. As for the indictments, the entire case built against the 12 Russians is based on information that can never be released in a public forum.  National Security.  The public will never know what evidence, if any,  Mueller […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Court Street construction continues. Still not finished.  I don’t think that our high salaried residents of City Hall have no intentions of finishing this work.  Only half-assed work is acceptable. I guess sidewalks in Thunder Bay are bike lanes now. The Thunder Bay Art Gallery people need to fund raise another $8.5 million.  Instead of […]

The World – Cannabis Can Treat And Cure Many Diseases. The Problem Is There Are Hundreds Of Strains Of Cannabis.

Why is Canada and Ontario not working on this problem?  Because BIg Pharma does not it worked on, that’s why. Cannabis can cure seizures, cancer, autism. The problem is there are hundreds of strains of that plant.  Each strain has a different mix of compounds that produce different effects on the human body.  Identifying which […]