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Canada – Average Canadian Family Paying More Than $12K To Fund Public Health Care

Well, there is no such thing as free.  Each of us is paying $4,600 a year for health care.  I wonder if every Canadian had to pay for health insurance as soon as they turned 18, what the rates would be?   Would that policy cost less than $4,600 a year? What would health insurance cost […]

The World – The Beaufort Gyre

Scientists are taking a close look at this Arctic phenomenon as it is showing signs of discharging its huge volume of ice cold fresh water into the North Atlantic.  Apparently, this is not a good thing.  Today, nothing seems to be a good thing anymore. How a Wayward Arctic Current Could Cool the Climate in […]

Canada – Canada Rejected In Bid To Be Part Of High-Level NAFTA Talks Between Mexico And U.S.: Sources Say

Divide and conquer.   Make Mexico an offer it cannot refuse and the U.S. wins.  Its that simple. Canada rejected in bid to be part of high-level NAFTA talks between Mexico and U.S.: sources A source said the U.S. side, fuelled in part by Lighthizer’s dislike of Freeland, has decided to not even let Canada back […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Hopefully this green dot on this ash tree means that it is not going to be cut down. Its a very healthy looking tree that is not located under utilty lines.  Trees located under utility lines get trimmed to death. Come on people. Remove your posters after the your event is over.  City of Thunder […]