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Thunder Bay – Cigarette Waste Accounts For 50 Percent Of Trash On Southern B.C. Shorelines

cigarette waste accounts for 50 percent of trash on southern B.C. shorelines Researchers at UBC have determined that garbage from cigarette smokers is responsible for half the trash that coats shorelines in B.C.’s southern Strait of Georgia. The study, by master’s and PhD students in UBC’s Training our Future Ocean Leaders program, analyzed years of data […]

Thunder Bay – Taking A Break

Taking a break this weekend to visit family.  Apparently you have to do that once and awhile.  Who knew? Enjoy your long weekend.  I hope to be posting again on Wednesday.

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

double click on any image to enlarge. accidentally caught a bird flying by the moon. Looks like someone has finally noticed that the work was not complete.  Now it is kind of complete.  Not sure if the dirt was compacted but I guess beggars can’t be choosers. Clouded Sulphur Butterfly I believe that my visitation […]