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Canada – Kinder Morgan Just Told Its Shareholders How It Persuaded The Trudeau Government To Pay Billions For A Pipeline No One Else Wanted To Buy

Kinder Morgan just told its shareholders how it persuaded the Trudeau government to pay billions for a pipeline no one else wanted to buy The Trudeau government made financial overtures to Texas energy giant Kinder Morgan more than a month before the pipeline operator issued an ultimatum that drove Ottawa to offer billions to take […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Another Thunder Bay parent teaching his child how to ride on the sidewalk instead of the streeet.  No hero here. Court Street construction continues An odd combination. Two carts and a television set.  Is this a new Thunder Bay street icon grouping? I wonder how much grain is lost during transit? Was there a strong […]

The World – Alex Jones Banned From Youtube, Facebook, Apple, Spotify And YouPorn

Jimmy Dore and crew discuss Youtube, Facebook, Apple, and Spotify banning Alex Jones.  You ban Alex Jones for some made up reason, then you can ban anyone. Canadians have lost their right to free speech years ago.  Americans appear to be next. Corporations control the internet.  If they do not like what you say, they […]

Canada – Canada Learns that No One Wins A twitter Fight

Canada Learns That No One Wins a Twitter Fight Saudi Arabia’s response to criticism may seem out of proportion, but that’s social media for you. In an age when foreign policy is conducted increasingly by social media, Saudi Arabia’s reaction to a pair of Canadian tweets is a reminder that diplomacy by Twitter comes with […]