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The World – Problem, Reaction, Solution: Internet Censorship Edition

James Corbett gives us his take on the Alex Jones deplatforming and what it means for the future of social media. Government regulation of the social media monopolies is exactly what those monopolies want. Do you really want governments controlling the Internet? Of course not. Companies like Facebook, Youtube, Google want to be broken up. […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Double click on any image to enlarge Streets are not built to store construction debris.  This is what happens when a contractor does not have the equipment required to do a proper job.  That debris should have been loaded into a truck, not dumped onto the street. Might see asphalt next week. In Toronto and […]

Thunder Bay – Police Investigating Assault At Port Arthur Clinic Picket Line

Police investigating assault at Port Arthur Clinic picket line City police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying a man in connection with an assault on the Port Arthur Clinic picket line. Police, in a release issued Friday, say the incident occurred Tuesday morning when a man was leaving the Port Arthur Clinic with […]

Thunder Bay – Striking Health Centre Workers present Offer To End Strike

Striking health centre workers present offer to end strike With tensions mounting on the picket line, striking workers at the Port Arthur Health Centre say they’ve made an offer to end the labour dispute, now in its 124th day. “This offer is fair to both sides, and more importantly would pave the way to quickly […]

The World – U.S. Refuses To Condemn Saudi-U.S. Airstrike On Yemen

Reporters Slam US For Refusing To Condemn Saudi-US Airstrike On Yemen School Bus In Live Briefing Just as expected, State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert refused to condemn Thursday’s coalition airstrike on a school bus in Yemen, which left as many as 50 people dead and 63 injured — the vast majority of which were children. […]