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Thunder Bay - Calgary 2018 Part 2

Thunder Bay – Calgary 2018 Part 2

Northern Harrier Hawk? Park staff talk about cougars. Cougar pelt was on display. Mount Lorette Ponds Water is crystal clear and cold. Sunlight hitting ripples produce rainbow affect Kananaskis Village Kananaskis Golf Club return to the city…lots of gulls Hockey stick gate

Canada – One Trillion Litres Of Sewage Leaked Into Canadian Lakes and Rivers Over The Passed Five Years.

One trillion litres of sewage leaked into Canadian lakes and rivers over last five years Last Wednesday, a team of people from the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper environmental group descended on the Toronto harbourfront looking for any signs the previous night’s massive, flash-flood rainfall had caused the city’s ancient combined sewer system to overflow into the […]

Thunder Bay - Patient Almost Dies During Strike

Thunder Bay – Patient Almost Dies During Strike

Patient Almost Dies During Strike Some doctors won’t return following threat, personal property damage Doctors at the Port Arthur Clinic are facing “hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage” after the facility was vandalized last week. The vandalism was discovered on Friday, two days after a fence was erected outside the clinic. The fence, blocking […]

The World – U.S., U.K. And Saudi Arabia Are War Criminals

Yes, the U.S. is complicit in killing women and children.  I don’t hear Justin complaining about that.   Is this not an attack on human rights?  Did those victims in the school bus that was bombed not have a human right not to be bombed? Another example of how the U.S. and its allies can do […]