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The World – The Space Kingdom Of Asgardia

Yes, the Space Kingdom of Asgardia is a thing. You can become a citizen of the Space Kingdom Of Asgardia if you want.  There are hundreds of thousands of people who have already signed up.  Ten of them live in Thunder Bay.  Yes, there are 10 Asgardians living in Thunder Bay at the time this post […]

Thunder Bay – Private Pot Store ‘Opt-Out’ Question To Go To Thunder Bay City Council

Private pot store ‘opt-out’ question to go to Thunder Bay City Council The question of whether or not Thunder Bay will allow privately-run pot shops next year will go before city council, the city manager says. The Ontario government will give the province’s municipalities a one-time chance to “opt-out” of allowing the stores within their […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Double click on any image to enlarge Another Thunder Bay hero risking his life in order to ride his bicycle on the street where it belongs. Hmmm…construction fence gone up at the south end of Marina Park.   I wonder what they are going to do?  Rec trail extension, road extension, landscaping, maybe some site work […]