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Thunder Bay - Bald Eagle

Thunder Bay – Bald Eagle

Third day in a row that I have seen this bird. This time it was closer. Still, not great conditions, blowing drizzle, with an uninteresting sky in the background does not give me much to work with. Even with all that, its an amazing bird to see. Click on any image to enlarge

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

The sidewalk replacement that took eight years to happen is close to be completed.  The City of Thunder Bay is even filling the gap on each side of the new concrete with earth.  Will wonders never cease? Railway car art. Yup…another one.  Another Thunder Bay zero riding his bicycle on the sidewalk instead of a […]

Thunder Bay - Toronto 2018 - Part 2

Thunder Bay – Toronto 2018 – Part 2

You see quite a few people sleeping on the street in the downtown area.  Asking for spare change. Big line-up   Must be a sale on Michael Jordan apparel. Their names liveth for evermore…glorifying war.  In reality, most of these soldiers died miserable deaths, in a country far from home under horrendous conditions. And they […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

click on any image to enlarge Take note…the dates that the Pearl Street entrance to Marina Park will be closed have changed.  The entrance will now be closed for seven days, four days longer than the three days previously announced. Construction at the south end of Marina Park continues. Another Bald Eagle sighting.  Being harassed […]

Thunder Bay – We Need People. Do We Really?

‘We need people’: Northwestern Ontario communities looking to attract immigration Regional municipal leaders are putting their heads together to try to come up with ideas to encourage migration to Northwestern Ontario. The Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association on Wednesday hosted FedNor officials for a round table discussion that included talks about developing a northern image to […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Click on any image to enlarge Maybe a day a Mac’s store is NOT robbed is newsworthy?  Mac’s getting robbed is not news any longer.  It happens every other day. There is a specific Thunder Bay racial group that uses Mac’s stores as ATMs.  Need a few dollars?  Go rob a Mac’s. Molson Cold Shot […]

Thunder Bay - Bald Eagle

Thunder Bay – Bald Eagle

Not the best light. Not the best spot. Beggars can’t be choosers. Click on any image to enlarge

Thunder Bay – Fatal Attack On Small Dog

Fatal attack on small dog leaves pet’s owner devastated Owner of attacking dog says it was accidentally let out of the yard A city woman wants the Animal Services department to quarantine the dog that attacked and killed her 11-year-old pekingese/pomeranian. The incident occurred Sunday in the Blucher Avenue area, where Pina Bober was taking Molly […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

click on any image to enlarge Bay Street sidewalk work continues. Pouring concrete. Just up the street from the new DSSAB apartment building at the corner of Algoma and Cornwall Streets.  I wonder what these are from?  Nobody claiming them? What do you think?  Dead or alive? The lot located at the corner of Cornwall […]

Thunder Bay - Toronto 2018 - Part 1

Thunder Bay – Toronto 2018 – Part 1