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Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

click on any image to enlarge I wonder how long until this will be completed?  There are weeds growing so you know this has been like this for quite a while. What is supposed to be done here?  Tree planted? Truck looks like its had a bad day Looks like plant matter there.  A bent […]

The World – 9/11 Cancer Toll Rises to 10,000

Its the first story that I want to highlight here.  10,000 people diagnosed with cancer caused by the 9/11 attack.  Of course, the Bush Administration lied about the safety of breathing in the air around ground zero. A documented lie that has led to thousands of deaths yet nothing mentioned in the mainstream media. Nobody […]

Thunder Bay - Toronto 2018 - Northern Cardinal

Thunder Bay – Toronto 2018 – Northern Cardinal

Working my way through my photos from Toronto. I came across this bird.  I had no idea just what I was looking at.  Turns out that it was a Northern Cardinal going through an extreme molting. It has lost all the feathers on its head. Anyway, I thought this interesting enough to deserve its own […]