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Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

click on any image to enlarge Court Street now has lines painted on it. Not all of them though Still no permanent bus stops signs installed and then there is this.  The new and old centreline conundrum.  The two lines do not meet. Not even close Escaped newspaper trash?  Almost made it into Marina Park […]

Thunder Bay - New City Mascot

Thunder Bay – New City Mascot

Welcome to Stab City.

Thunder Bay – Missing Person Of The Day

Missing 15-year-old girl found Police seek missing 16-year-old girl – Tbnewswatch Has anyone noticed that the police are asking for our help to locate a missing person, mostly teens, almost every week? It is happening so often that it would be impossible for someone to remember who they are supposed to keep an eye out […]

The World – Human Reaction to Rape Culture and Queer Performativity at Urban Dog Parks in Portland, Oregon

The pranksters are Helen Pluckrose, James A. Lindsay, and Peter Boghossian: a medievalist, a mathematician, and a philosopher respectively. In just one year, they learned the style and citations of gender studies and related fields well enough to parody them, wrote 20 articles, and got many of them all or part of the way through […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

A rainy day. Nothing much to photograph today.  Click on any image to enlarge. Alpenbitter 40% alc/vol….Locally crafted, complex bitter that marries several botanicals and herbs to produce a great digestif. Dark amber in colour. Shows peppery, herbal aromas with hints of orange, baking spice and cola nut. On the palate, it bitter-sweet as expected, […]

Canada – StatsCan Scooped Up 15 years Of Personal Financial Data From Canadian Credit Bureau. Bet You Did Not Know That.

StatCan scooped up 15 years of personal financial data from Canadian credit bureau As Statistics Canada plans to build a massive new personal information bank with the real-time financial transaction data of hundreds of thousands of Canadians, Global News has learned the agency has scooped up 15 years’ worth of credit rating information from a major international […]

Thunder Bay – City Projecting $3.6 Million Surplus Through Third Quarter

City projecting $3.6M surplus through 3rd quarter The city’s books are on track to finish the year well in the black. Thunder Bay city administration is projecting a $3.6 million year-end surplus through the first three quarters of 2018, a figure that amounts to 1.4 per cent of the total $252.2 million net budget. The […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Click on any image to enlarge Is it?  Is it really?  Pretty sure its not. What happens when the people taking out of the system outnumber the people putting into the system?  What happens then? Free food draws large crowds?  And you are surprised? Are any of the ugly granite blocks in Marina Park Canadian?  […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

click on any image to enlarge Work that is taking place on 2016/2017 parking lot contract by contractors working on 2018 boat launch parking lot. Not sure what is going on here.  Valve shut-off Large pile of debris, future site of a BMX/Skatepark can be seen in distance, Looks like a beaver OK..more Bald Eagles […]

Thunder Bay – Does Thunder Bay Need An Indoor Multi-Use Recreation Facility?

Tbnewswatch poll going on now: Does Thunder Bay need an indoor multi-use recreational facility? The question should be, Does Thunder Bay need an indoor multi-use recreation facility MORE than a $33 million (most likely $40 million) 93% taxpayer funded privately run waterfront art gallery?  The community needs to have priorities on how those sweet, sweet  […]