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Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

click on any image to enlarge. Hmmmm….I thought that joints on each layer of asphalt should be offset from the one below.  It looks to me that the centreline joint of the surface layer is right over the centreline joint of the bottom layer.  I could be wrong.  It is what it looks like. I […]

Canada – Canadian ISIS Fighter Captured In Northern Syria Speaks Out

‘I just want to go back’: Canadian ISIS fighter captured in northern Syria speaks out Muhammed Ali sat on the couch in the prison commander’s office, still wearing the T-shirt and sweatpants he had on four months ago when he was captured by Kurdish fighters in northeast Syria. Four years ago, the Canadian was a defiant voice […]

The World – The Snowflake Culture Is Killing Our Kids

The snowflake culture is killing our kids Did you know “jazz hands” are slowly replacing clapping? No, really: Clapping as been banned at a leading university in the U.K. “to avoid triggering anxiety” for students. Lest you think this practice doesn’t exist in the U.S., I can personally vouch that it does. When I spoke at Bard […]