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Thunder Bay – Hotel Opening Delayed Again?

Expect even more? Opening 2018? December 2018? Now, according to TBT News (3:01 on video), the hotel is scheduled to open in either February 2019 or March 2019?   Have the developers building this hotel hit a single construction target date?  Nope. That second last target was 2017.  The ENTIRE YEAR!  And they missed that one.  The […]

Canada – Union Chief Warns Oshawa Closure Could Be First Step In GM Shuttering All Canadian Operations

The World – Cashless

Sweden Is on the Verge of Going Completely Cashless: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Sweden is rapidly turning into a cashless society, which seems like the utopian dream of many a government figure. What could possibly go wrong from the government’s point of view? Isn’t it ideal that they could soon digitally control every single […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

click on any image to enlarge House Sparrow? Found a piece of cookie the size of its head.  Hard as a rock too. Gave up. When is a sidewalk not a sidewalk?   When there is a truck parked on it. Not sure what is going on here.  For some reason, it looks like the company […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

Still pumping water out onto the sidewalk.   MV Prosna and the MV Federal Kivilina?  in the distance. MV Wigeon MV Solina Not sure which FedNav ship this is..   Ice is back. Not sure why the Multicultural Centre Youth van is parked at Pool 6 all weekend.  Maybe they want it to be vandalized?   Federal Danube Federal […]

Ontario – GM To Close Oshawa Plant

GM To Close 100-Year-Old Oshawa Plant, Affecting Thousands Of Jobs With car sales in the US and China locked in a precipitous slowdown that is only expected to worsen, GM on Monday is expected to announce the closure of one of its Canadian plants as the company hopes to move more production to Mexico and […]

Canada – Price Tag For Cleaning Up Of Alberta Oilsands Land Is Now Estimated At $260 Billion….And That Estimate Is Likely On The Low Side

The estimated $260 billion (likely to be much higher) cost of cleaning up the Alberta Oilsands land is almost completely unfunded. Once all those companies that have spent the last 100 years destroying the area are gone, who will pick up that $260 billion clean-up tab?  Taxpayers of course.  Who always pays to cleanup abandoned […]

Canada – Federal Plan For Canadian Funding Not All Its Cracked Up To Be

Federal plan for Canadian media funding not all it’s cracked up to be There are two main things you need to know about the federal government’s recently announced $600 million in Canadian media funding. First, the folks who will figure out how to divvy up the pork pie will be an “independent panel drawn from […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Click on any image to enlarge. Poo bags show up after the snow melts. What happens when the asphalt on a street is not compacted properly? You get rutting.  This is Algoma Street. It was paved in the fall of 2011. The right lane is the lane used by the bus.  High quality work that […]

Thunder Bay – Candidates For The 2018 Darwin Awards?

Public reminded to stay off ice within city People are being reminded to stay off the ice of frozen waterways in the city. At approximately 2 p.m. on Friday, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue received reports of people walking on McIntyre River near Fort William Road. Fire crews responded to the area but were not able […]