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Canada – Trudeau Government Believes In Decorum, Not Like Those Goons Across The Aisle

Pretty funny.  Worth a read.  Shines a light on the hypocrisy that is politics.  Trudeau and Harper are exactly the same politician.  They belong to different political parties.  They may have different ideas about what Canada should look like. But both their governments  operate exactly the same way.  Same rules. Same secrecy. Same lies. Same […]

Thunder Bay – Environmental Technician Students Need To Get Out More

Students ‘can’t believe’ the amount of plastic on Chippewa beach Some of the students in the Environmental Technician program at Confederation College plan to reduce their personal use of plastic after finding significant amounts of waste on the beach at Chippewa Park. The second-year students recently took part in a survey and collection on the […]

Canada – Throwing Good Money After Bad. Its What Governments Do

Does Ottawa know if the money that it is throwing at the Indigenous people actually accomplishes anything?   No, it does not.  So naturally, Ottawa throws more money at the situation. In fact, that is how government works in general.  Got a problem?  Throw money at it. Problem still there?  Throw more money at it.  You […]

Canada – Carbon Price Not Exempt From GST

Ahhh..the infamous tax on a tax. The “Not My Prime Minister” Justin Trudeau is not talking about the quarter of a billion GST dollars that the Carbon Tax will transfer from your pockets to his government’s pockets.  I wonder why not? Carbon price not exempt from GST despite promise it be revenue neutral The federal […]