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Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

click on any image to enlarge If your gutter downspout pours water onto a public sidewalk, causing a large patch of ice, then you should be responsible to ensure that people can safely walk on that sidewalk.   Sand or salt.  Something.  As it is now, nothing gets done until a sidewalk plow comes along spreading […]

Ontario – First Nations Communities Need Teachers

NAN leaders call for jurisdiction over land and children Another issue that Fox said will be a top priority for NAN chiefs is education. According to Fox, many First Nation communities, such as Fort Albany and Kashechewan First Nation, do not have teachers for certain grade levels. “You just can’t compete with providing resources to […]

Thunder Bay - All Art Is Subjective

Thunder Bay – All Art Is Subjective

What do those bent steel beams ($500,000 each) located at the end of Pier 1 and Pier 3 represent?   Well, after spending a lot of time walking around Thunder Bay, I think I have the definitive answer. They represent cigarette butts.  Giant cigarette butts. The city is covered by hundreds of thousand if not millions […]