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Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Not sure how many people have moved in to the new DSSAB apartment building located at the corner of Algoma and Cornwall Streets. Commercial space on the ground level seems to still be empty. Chronicle Journal property.  I wonder if any of the newspaper trash has escaped? Construction ahead?  Where? Work being done off of […]

Thunder Bay – Hotel Opening Delayed Again?

Expect even more? Opening 2018? December 2018? Now, according to TBT News (3:01 on video), the hotel is scheduled to open in either February 2019 or March 2019?   Have the developers building this hotel hit a single construction target date?  Nope. That second last target was 2017.  The ENTIRE YEAR!  And they missed that one.  The […]

Canada – Union Chief Warns Oshawa Closure Could Be First Step In GM Shuttering All Canadian Operations

The World – Cashless

Sweden Is on the Verge of Going Completely Cashless: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Sweden is rapidly turning into a cashless society, which seems like the utopian dream of many a government figure. What could possibly go wrong from the government’s point of view? Isn’t it ideal that they could soon digitally control every single […]