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The World – The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed.

First audit of the Pentagon…EVER.   Definitely worth a read. The numbers mentioned in the article are sooo large, its hard to imagine what that much cash looks like.  How does the US still have homeless people?  No single payer health system?  No free post-secondary education? The US Department of Defence used to be called the […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

click on any image to enlarge Decorations going up on the Christmas tree located at the Bay and Algoma area. Finished product Some work taking place on the condos.  This is condo #1 Covers taken off of walkways. Not sure why the two walkways do not line up. There is a jog.  MV Prosna MV […]

Thunder Bay – Man-Shield Construction In Court Multiple Times Involving Sub-contractors

Man-Shield Construction in court multiple times involving subcontractors The contractor for two waterfront condominium buildings in Thunder Bay, Ont., who has spent time in court dealing with issues regarding subcontractors and construction liens, has dealt with a number of other legal matters at some of its work sites across Canada. Man-Shield Construction to pay subcontractor over […]

Thunder Bay – DFC Students Push For New School Receives Support From Federal Minister

DFC students’ push for new school receives support from federal minister A federal minister championing the construction of a new school and residence for Indigenous youth in Thunder Bay has students and staff at Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School hopeful a dream that has been ongoing for more than 10 years will finally become a […]