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Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Pretty quiet day. Click on any image to enlarge. Two artificial snowflakes have now fallen off of the tree Pothole season is year round in the City of Thunder Bay.  Used to be spring time only. I wonder if these guys are good to eat?  They are grain fed. Back to banging on frozen ground. […]

The World - Signs Of The Times

The World – Signs Of The Times

A photo submitted by a reader showing sign in Lisbon Airport.  What doe we now have?   Men have no waists.  Women’s body look like a Barbie doll.  Impossibly tiny waist. Women now wear pants and have hair on one side of their head.   Is that a transgender symbol?  Men are still bald. Nobody has arms.  […]

The World – Freedom Fries And Liberty Cabbage

I remember the Freedom Fries. Propaganda is used to boost support for war. Its also used to extinguish any criticism.  James takes us through many examples.  Your rights and freedoms disappear when governments want a war.

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

Interesting. These light poles located on the site of the former Port Arthur Motors Body Shop look very similar to the new light bases installed last week down in Marina Park. new lamp lost base installed last week. Looks like this base is large enough for a very large light.  This makes me think that […]