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Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Only positive things about today is that it is Saturday and its not raining…or snowing. Red is starting to open So is yellow now Looks like spray paint Trash in context Hmmm… Waiting for me to pass Wants to get back to digging through the trash Common Grackles.  One is not striking the pose. Had […]

Thunder Bay – Fixing The Environment Is Easy. Do You Really Want To Do What It Takes? That Is The Question.

Valley Central students take environmental warning to heart Climate change is stressing out students at Valley Central Public School. They’re worried about rising sea levels, a warming planet and plastics choking Earth’s oceans. They’re concerned politicians don’t care about the future of planet, only their own bank accounts. They’re scared there won’t be much of […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Red is not on any rush Yellow tulip opening Fake strawberry. Why is it here?  Damn if I know. Utility location.  Something going to happen here?  I will keep an eye out. Still here.  Nobody misses these? Deer tracks The last spike? More Tree Swallow photos.  They let me get pretty close. American Goldfinch Hanging […]

Thunder Bay – Chronicle Journal Publisher Pleads Guilty To Drinking And Driving Charge

Newspaper publisher pleads guilty to drinking and driving charge A Thunder Bay man will be subject to six months of house arrest and a three-year driving ban for drinking and subsequent erratic, high-speed driving which forced two heavy trucks off the road. Clint Harris, The Chronicle-Journal’s publisher who has been on leave since the August 2018 […]

Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay Confronts Violent Crime Wave

Thunder Bay confronts violent crime wave as arrival of outside gangs stokes racial tensions A tide of assaults, holdups and murders has left many residents feeling frustrated and afraid, while overwhelming a police force grappling with accusations of systemic racism Lee-Ann Chevrette had good news for Thunder Bay. On April 29, in her 2018 action […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

You can actually see my camera lens in the water droplet New docks in Marina Park Going here on Pier 2? Looks like a group of contractors taking a tour.  Going to bid on some work? Some Greater Scaups Common Grackle Tree Swallow Tug MV Teclutsa MV Ojibway MV Yukina Looking for food Double-crested Cormorant […]

Canada – Replacing Phoenix Pay System Cheaper Than Fixing Mess

Replacing Phoenix pay system cheaper than fixing its mess will be, PBO reports The cost of a new pay system for federal civil servants should pale in comparison to the cost of stabilizing the failed Phoenix system, says a new report from Parliament’s spending watchdog. Cleaning up the mess Phoenix has made will cost $2.6 […]

Canada – Trudeau Creating Ministry Of Truth

Canada’s digital charter to combat fake news would fine platforms: Trudeau Canada will introduce a “digital charter” to combat fake news and hate online, Prime Minster Justin Trudeau announced Thursday. Speaking at the Viva Technology conference in Paris, Trudeau said social media platforms could face fines if the companies don’t police misinformation and extremism. “The […]

Thunder Bay – U-Haul Reconsiders Purchasing Eaton’s Building

Waterfront District BIA hopes for redevelopment of Eaton’s building When word came down from U-Haul recently that it was no longer considering buying the former Eaton’s building, Jim Comuzzi was feeling mixed emotions. On the one hand, the chair of the Waterfront District Business Improvement Area was thinking new ownership might have meant revitalization for the […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Big crowd hanging out inside the pedestrian overpass today.  No other place these people could hang out in.  Not in the park.  Nope. Right there.  Tourists will love walking that gauntlet. Work continues on the street extension at the south end of Marina Park. Fence around Boat Launch parking lot has finally been removed.  Maybe […]