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Canada – Big Syrup

There’s a maple syrup cartel in Canada?  They control the price of maple syrup?  Seriously?  This is legal?  How is this not contravening anti-trust laws?  Oh, its Quebec.

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Now how did this pile of snow end up in the middle of the sidewalk?  Strange. Some escapees from the Chronicle Journal compound. You can see others inside the fence that did not make it. One of my crow buddies. Animal using the culvert to cross the road Another escapee from the Chronicle Journal compound?  […]

Ontario – OIPRD Found Not To Be Sooo Independent After All

Ontario police watchdog skewered for back-room chats that cleared officer of misconduct Back-channel chats that led Ontario’s police watchdog to set aside its own finding of misconduct against an officer were inappropriate and undermined the integrity of the process, an appeal court has ruled. In a decision this week, Divisional Court said the Office of […]

Thunder Bay - The Strength To Say "No"

Thunder Bay – The Strength To Say “No”

A Chronicle Journal editorial on the Dease Street Pool The Chronicle Journal finally wants City Council to say “No” to something.  The Chronicle Journal did not encourage City Hall to say “No”  to the $114 million Event Centre debacle that wasted millions of tax dollars on a dream that had zero chance of success. The […]

Thunder Bay – 2019 Budget Discussions So Far

Some highlights from the 2019 budget discussions as reported by Jeff Walters on the CBC website City councillors in Thunder Bay, Ont., got a surprise when administration started projecting how much the city will spend in the future, just to maintain its current assets. Administration said the city has a $20M annual infrastructure gap. It […]

The World – The Vaccine Debate – Vaccines, Children And Autism

A ten minute video worth watching. “Everyone (on Capital Hill) takes money from PhARMA, so they’ve all been corrupted”. – Robert Kennedy Jr. The Vaccination Debate Today we investigate one of the biggest medical controversies of our time: vaccines. There’s little dispute about this much– vaccines save many lives, and rarely, they injure or kill. […]