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Ontario – Man Stopped For Breathalyzer After Returning Bottles To Beer Store

Hey, I’m all for nailing people who drive while under the influence of something. Alcohol marijuana or drugs. There has to be some logical reasoning behind the act of forcing someone to blow in a breathalyzer.  Returning bottles to a beer store does not meet the level of logical reasoning that I believe warrants a […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

Still there. Over one week past event date.  Will it still be there when spring arrives? Shopping carts.  What is it about Thunder Bay and shopping carts? Even the Chronicle Journal has, not two Safeway carts it has four Safeway shopping carts Once again, nobody using the fountain pond rink These are the new lights […]

The World – Is US Government Shut-down A Trap?

An interesting take on the US government shut-down. Is Trump using this as an opportunity to legally cleanse government of his enemies?   Is he using those employees as a type of bargaining chips? A prolonged furlough of federal employees allows for their dismissal without having to go through all of the red tape normally required […]