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Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

These Algoma Street benches should be removed prior to the first snowfall.  The same with the giant planters located in the area.  Makes snow removal sooo much easier.  It would also stop these things from getting damaged by snow removal equipment.  Now we have to buy a new bench. Still high snowbanks on the other […]

Thunder Bay – Convicted Killer Arrested After Alleged Bus Driver Assault

Convicted killer arrested after alleged bus driver assault A 31-year-old man, who had previously been sentenced to five years in prison for a 2014 homicide, has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a city bus driver. Earl Felton Sakanee was arrested Monday night after a brief chase that ensued when an officer saw the incident taking […]

Canada – Canada Pushes Trump’s Regime Change In Venezuela

Canada, chronic US ass-kisser and rule of law hypocrite, leads charge for regime (coup) change in Venezuela.  Why? Lima Group. Ever hear of it?  We created it.  Why? I guess if the Canadian opposition parties wanted to gain control of the government, all they have to do is boycott the election this fall.  Claim the […]

The World – Trump Regime Launches Coup In Venezuela

James interviews Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Liberty Report and Together they attempt to clarify exactly what is happening in Venezuela, why its happening and the names of everyone involved. Canada (the country that claims to honour the rule of law) is involved in attempted coup in another country.  The US, a government […]