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Thunder Bay – Exactly What you Want In the Heart Of Your Entertainment District: A Self Storage Facility

Looming sale of Eaton’s building forces out arts group The potential sale of the Eaton’s building is forcing arts groups that have called the site home for two decades to relocate. The building, which had been the former home of the Eaton’s department store in Thunder Bay before it closed in the 1990s, is rumoured […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

One of the coldest days so far. Hard to take photos in this weather. Interesting.  Frost image of the hand that was inside the glove? Making sure the sidewalk plow does not hit this telephone box These things plus the bump-out that they are located on, just make snow removal more difficult. Put them up […]

The World – CNN Goes “Undercover” To Manufacture Consent For Coup Attempt In Venezuela

CNN GOES ‘UNDERCOVER’ TO MANUFACTURE CONSENT FOR COUP ATTEMPT IN VENEZUELA KEVIN GOSZTOLA, For the four-minute report, CNN correspondent Nick Paton Walsh went “undercover” amidst what the network described as the “deepening crisis in Venezuela” in order “to capture the desperation gripping the nation.” The segment highlighted hyperinflation at grocery chains, Venezuelans lined up in queues for […]