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The World – Mars Weather

Weather on Mars….turns out Thunder Bay daytime temps were colder than Mars. Of course, at night Mars temps dropped to -95C sooo….

Thunder Bay – Bear Clan Patrol Decides To ‘Pull Pin’ On Thunder Bay Chapter

Bear Clan Patrol decides to ‘pull the pin’ on Thunder Bay chapter The co-founder and executive-director of the Winnipeg-based Bear Clan Patrol Inc. says members of the Thunder Bay chapter have lost the right to use the organization’s name and logo. James Favel alleges that the Thunder Bay group has divided the community with some of […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Raven On Family Day Monday, this sole entrance/exit to the new parking lot built 2016/2017 was a three ring circus of chaos as cars tried to park in the lot only to find the parking lot “full”.  It was not actually full so to speak.  It was that all of that available spots were full. […]

Thunder Bay - Monday - Family Day

Thunder Bay – Monday – Family Day

Hope the people are using some of these things…whoever they are.  Not sure why these are laying here. Kelly’s Finest rotgut wine. World’s easiest ice maze? Nope, kids paint on the ice walls One big beaver and a pair of red chairs Later on, while walking past this location on my way home, I heard […]

Thunder Bay - Snow Sculptures On Snow Day

Thunder Bay – Snow Sculptures On Snow Day

Quick first look at the Snow Sculptures today. I have more to go through so I will post a final collection in a few days. I just walked around the area and tried to take photos with a few people in them as possible.  The theme was Travel.

Canada – Britain Concludes Huawei Is ‘Manageable Risk’ To 5G Rollout

Canada’s decision on whether to ban Huawei from Canada’s 5G products may have become much easier to make. Still, with “Not-My-Prime Minister” Justin Trudeau’s face firmly planted in America’s genitalia, you never know. In “Serious Blow” To US, Britain Concludes Huawei Is “Manageable Risk” To 5G Rollout Following intense pressure from the US on its […]

Thunder Bay – An Example Of Why I Don’t Walk Through The Pedestrian Overpass When There Are People Loitering Inside

This is why I do not go through the pedestrian overpass ( a glass tunnel) when there are people loitering inside… Police intervene in assault that sent one man to hospital Two women have been charged following an assault on the city’s north side Saturday afternoon. Thunder Bay police said in a release issued Sunday […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

And so the collection starts. The CJ has a collection going as well. Six now. Hmmm…someone doing something down on the Pool 6 dock Something to do with the helicopter rides. I wonder who this Milo is?   Hmmm…. Looks like somebody who said that there is no more snow clearing taking place on the […]

Thunder Bay - 2019 Snow Sculptures - So Far

Thunder Bay – 2019 Snow Sculptures – So Far

Photos taken in no particular order. I just wandered around the festival area and photographed what I saw. This year’s theme is Travel Ice slide being set up

The World – The Syria Story Nobody Is Talking About

Watch the whole thing, if you have time. Skip over the start as he fiddles with the periscope settings.  Lee Stranahan slowly, using facts, links Israel, the White Helmets, the media and the corporate elite that run the world to Syria and the Golan Heights and oil. Lots and lots of oil. Once again, people are […]