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Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Sidewalk plow cleared the blockage caused by the Fire Department. Sooo you can now walk along the sidewalk without having to climb a mountain of snow…until the next time the Fire Station parking lot is cleared of snow.  That should be tomorrow. As far as this sidewalk has been cleared. This car, which it seems […]

Canada – Lots Of Work But Nobody Wants It

Lots of work but fewer want it as participation rate shrinks Unless there’s a miracle medical breakthrough, the millennial generation will soon be able to stop worrying about baby boomers plugging up the job market and living in the nicest homes. According to The Economist magazine, “Peak Death” for boomers will strike in about 2034. “It […]

Thunder Bay – New Accommodation Tax Now Collected

New Accommodation Tax now collected in many northern municipalities: What you should know The Sault, Sudbury, Thunder Bay and other cities looking for the new MAT to boost tourism in 2019 Municipal Accommodation Tax is applied to paid accommodations occupied for a duration of less than thirty consecutive days. This includes stays at hotels, motels, […]