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Canada – Has Anyone Thought About The Impact Regime Change In Venezuela Will Have On Alberta’s Oil Patch?

Has anyone thought about The impact regime change in Venezuela will have on Alberta’s oilpatch? DAVID CLIMENHAGA’S ALBERTA POLITICS BLOG In the stampede by Canadian politicians of all ideological stripes to support Venezuela’s self-declared “interim president,” has anyone given even a nanosecond’s thought to the impact the handover of the troubled South American petrostate’s government […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

The joy of on-street parking.  Grader has to plow around parked car.  Car leaves.   Leaves road covered in snow behind.  Hurrah! Shopping cart under there. The insanity of having a snowbank between sidewalk and street.  Stupid road design. All of the snow should be pushed to the other side of the sidewalk.  Away from the […]