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Canada – Meddling In The Justice System Could Be Trudeau’s End

Canada has said very clearly and powerfully to China that the rule of law, and an independent judiciary, are essential Canadian values…..unless dealing with Quebec. We need to know the truth.  This is an election year. The public needs to have all of the facts in order to make an educated decision. previous related post […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

Took a photo of this yesterday.  I cleaned the lens better and took the photo again.  The sun is much cleaner. Still a few months before these houses are occupied. I also took photos of this fence yesterday.  Took photos again today with a cleaner lens. A gin cooler.   Not Olympic rings but maybe […]

Ontario – Why Privatization Is Not The Biggest Issue With Ontario’s Health Reforms

CBC takes you through the issue. Its about reforming health care administration…not privatizing the entire health care system.  If done properly, this could free up millions of dollars to be spent on other arts of the health care system. Reducing admin costs and reinvesting those savings in health care delivery/treatment is something few Ontarians would […]