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Thunder Bay - Sunday - Last Day Of March!

Thunder Bay – Sunday – Last Day Of March!

Does this count as criticism? Looking for colour Its a sock. My understanding is these are endless money pits.  Especially the used ones. Canola oil container. Toothbrush?  No brush though. Concrete in curbs just does not seem to be as tough as it once was.   Why all the crow photos?  Not a whole lot […]

The World – American Students Support Socialism… But Not When It Comes To Their GPAs

American Students Support Socialism… But Not When It Comes To Their GPAs With far left candidates and policies on the rise in America, it’s no surprise that for the first time ever, more young people say they’d prefer to live in a socialist country over a capitalist one. Whether it’s free healthcare, free college tuition, or universal […]

Canada – Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Phone Conversation With Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick.

For of you who are still interested

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

A slight setback but April is only a day away. Nice hat.  Probably full of cooties though. Stuff still looks almost edible.  Birds have been in there but have not been able to finish it off. A new hubcap…victim of a pothole. At the Pearl Street entrance.  You think anyone entering the park in a […]

The World – Destroying Free Thought Online

Canada is leading the world in censorship of speech.  There is no such thing as free speech any longer. Eliminating free speech is not something that happened all at once.  It happened slowly, a creep of censorship where the long term goal is to control everything you hear, see or say. The people who REALLY […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Carling beer. Its a colourful can. Even the birds stay away from this stuff.  We still eat it though. Hopefully this will be repaired this year.  Also, replace the missing “median ahead” sign. Its been missing for well over a year. Had the sign been replaced in a timely matter, this damage to the curb/manhole […]

The World – The System Is Rigged. Its A Big Club And We Ain’t In It.

You’re A Sucker If You Don’t Believe The System Is Rigged Imagine you spent two years completely screwing up at your job, I mean not merely getting every single thing wrong but loudly, proudly getting in everyone else’s face about how right you are. You’d get fired, terminated, 86’d, and Schiff-canned. But not the mainstream media. The […]

Thunder Bay - Number Four

Thunder Bay – Number Four

Police seek public’s help with homicide investigation City police are asking for the public’s assistance as they investigate a homicide that took place on the city’s northside early Friday afternoon. Thunder Bay Police were dispatched to the area of Hilldale and Melbourne roads just after 12:45 p.m. on Friday, March 29, for reports of an […]

The World – Is It Too Much To Ask?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not an anti-vaxer. Neither am I.  What he wants and what you should want: require that vaccines go through the same rigorous approval process as other drugs. require mandatory reporting of vaccine adverse events and automate the VAERS and VSD database. ensure everyone involved with Federal vaccine approvals and recommendations […]

The World – Russiagate In 3 Minutes

Remember, ignorance is strength.