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Thunder Bay - Friday - Its March!

Thunder Bay – Friday – Its March!

Snow sculptures today. The barricades have come down. Makes photographing the sculptures easier. The weather is staying cold sooo the sculptures still look pretty good.  Get down here soon if  haven’t already seen them Still getting longer Looks like they are getting some sun CJ trash Bright’s Pale Dry Select Fortified Wine (Bright golden colour; […]

The World – Cohen Claim Trump Had Prior Knowledge Of Wikileaks Debunked

Jimmy Dore and crew point out how the mainstream media lie to you.

Canada – Now The Political Spin Begins

Get ready for one of the most desperate spin attempts you’ve ever seen What do you do when you’re at risk of losing everything? There are really only two options: You either let fate run its course or you fight like hell. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has signalled he’s going with the latter. A fight […]