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Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

The snow sculptures today. This weekend should be hard on them.  We are in for a stretch of warmer weather.  As of right now, they are still in good shape.   Icicles Pothole filler Noticed a weekness in the machine.  It cannot do a good job on the outer edge.  You can see that the […]

The World – Measles- Are We Turning The Measles Virus Into A Killer?

An interesting video about measles and vaccines. Are we making the measles virus worse by vaccinating children against it?   Are we screwing up our body’s immunity system? Measles never were deadly.  You got measles.  You stayed home from school.  They went away. Lifetime immunity.  Now we are being told that the virus is life threatening?  […]

Canada – Sheila Copps Confirms That Justice Is Negotiable In Canada. What A Surprise!

‘Ministers gone rogue’: Ex-deputy PM chalks SNC-Lavalin affair up to Wilson-Raybould’s inexperience “I think they need a little bit of political experience and they need to understand that when you get into a group, whether it’s the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, the caucus and the NDP, you don’t always get everything you want, and […]