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Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Snow sculptures today Trying to escape the CJ compound Its a very rare day where I don’t see a fire truck heading out of this station.  I am only down there for a couple of hours. Orange and blue.  Or should I say ORNGE and blue. This managed to escape the CJ compound and make […]

Canada – It Was Wilson-Raybould’s Decision To Make, As Long As She Decided It their Way

It was Wilson-Raybould’s decision to make, as long as she decided it their way More than once in the course of his testimony to the Commons justice committee Gerald Butts said that he was not there to call anyone names or to cast aspersions on the character of Jody Wilson-Raybould. Which is why the prime […]

Thunder Bay – City Launches Police Headquarters Study

City launches study of fix-up or replacement for Thunder Bay Police headquarters The City of Thunder Bay is taking the first step toward a capital project that could cost tens of millions of dollars, the final price tag depending on the option that’s chosen. The city has issued a request for proposals from consultants to […]